trimming green

Tree Thinning or Canopy Thinning

Thinning your trees is an important part of the maintenance of your property. Strategically removing select branches from the tree reduces weight and wind resistance and minimizes breakage which is the leading cause of storm damage. Strategic Pruning preserves the natural shape of the tree and reduces the risk of damage in the event of a storm.

Tree Lifting or Canopy Lifting

Canopy Lifting removes low limbs to clear walkways, streets, lights and structures. It also benefits lawns underneath by allowing more sunlight to reach the grass.

Tree Shaping or Canopy Reduction

Canopy Reduction is typically used after a storm has damaged trees. But it is also utilized to reduce the size of trees when they have outgrown their space. When trees reach a size that is too large or blocks the view, our most frequent recommendation is to remove the tree and replace it with one that will conform to the size and shape desired. Canopy Reduction never exceeds 25% of the overall height and spread of the tree./p>